Comboni Lay Missionaries

Book: We are mission


“Creation itself awaits with eager expectation the Revelation of the Children of God” (Rom 8, 19).


Dear members of the comboni family in the name of our Lord Jesus, we greet you warmly!

As you remember well, about two years ago, the first volume was published, entitled: “Be the change you want to see in the world“, where were collected the ideas which animate us and guide us in a particular way within the paths inherent to JPIC. These paths, in turn, were also made possible by the meetings of the World Social Forums (FSM) and the Forums organized as Comboni Family in conjunction with the FSM. In 150 years of History and Life, our Institutes have been enriched by a great ministerial experience thanks mainly to the dedication of many missionaries of our comboni family who have interpreted with creativity and apostolic passion the specificity of our Charism.

This second volume entitled: “We are mission: witnesses of social ministry in the Comboni family“, presents a significant range of concrete ministerial experiences, chosen among many others. Our desire is that sharing them will help us to value what we already do, thanks to the Gift of the Holy Spirit and our personal and community responses. In addition, this plurality of shared experiences helps us to appreciate the different Comboni ministerial actions that complement and enrich each other, revealing the richness of the Charism in a growing dynamism.

We ask our Provincial Superiors to take care in distributing printed copies to all communities and also the digital copy translated in four languages, so that all and everyone can enjoy the work done together and in collaboration with more than 40 Comboni missionaries.

We thank the members of the Commission on Social Ministry of the Comboni Family who worked with passion and expertise for the publication of this second volume and also facilitated the work of mapping of our Comboni initiatives on social ministry around the world. In December 2020, Covid-19 permitting, will be held the Forum on Social Ministeriality in Rome.

These initiatives and activities are part of a great journey of synergy and collaboration of the members of the Commission and of many confreres and sisters, who will surely bring enthusiasm and openness to newness to which the Lord is guiding us. All this requires, however, on the part of the whole Comboni Family a great opening of heart, mind, creativity, and commitment that we entrust to the intercession of our great founder San Daniele Comboni.

Mary, Woman of the Gospel teach us to announce your Son Jesus in our ministerial commitment!

Sr. Luigia Coccia, smc                        Fr. Tesfaye Tadesse, mccj

You can download the book following this link

Cultivate a dream


We finish this series of videos with which we have accompanied the 35 years of the martyrdom of Father Ezequiel Ramin. On this occasion, the Comboni Lay Missionaries of Brazil encourage us to cultivate and follow a dream in life as Fr Ezequiel encouraged.

Let us remain faithful to our vocation and be brave. May the example of Fr Ezequiel and other martyrs in Latin America give us strength and courage to change the injustices of the world by walking together with the peoples who suffer it.

Let us receive the candle in our hands and let it give us light in our path.

Comboni Family in Mission

Pilgrimage with the testimony of Sister Dina and a letter from Fr. Ezequiel


As we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Servant of God, Father Ezequiel Ramin, Sister Dina Siquiera, a Comboni missionary sistere, shares her testimony of life and vocation and Miriam reads one of Father Ezequiel Ramin’s letters: “The situation is heating up. The Catholic Church organized Labor Day on July 25. Among the courtships, bands and processions, they were expected to have promoted something. In Cacoal, before our eyes, the police arrested the president of the rural union, a farmer with 2nd class. We were forced to protest at the risk of arrest. In Aripuanã, a nearby place, the police fired during the procession. The bishop was leading the demonstration. Three wounded, including one very serious. The parish car was left as a strainer. Land reform is required. The reaction of those who have 10,000 hectares of land is evident! But the Lord always protects us and this is enough. “

Comboni family in mission

Pilgrimage with testimony of Father Jorge Padovan and letter from Father Ezequiel


35 years have passed since the martyrdom of the Servant of God, Father Ezequiel Ramin. Father Jorge Padovan, Comboni missionary, companion of Ezequiel Ramin, shares his testimony of life and vocation and Jeferson reads one of Father Ezequiel Ramin’s letters.

Comboni family in mission