Comboni Lay Missionaries

Memory of Africa Project: María del Prado Fernández Martín

Hermana Prado

We continue this series of testimonies with the Comboni Sister María del Prado Fernández Martín.

Sister Prado Fernández, a Comboni Missionary, arrived in Africa in 1986 and lived for 30 years in different countries of the continent such as the Central African Republic, Chad or Congo until 2016.

In this interview, Prado tells us about her work as a missionary in areas such as health, education and pastoral care, making her work known through her journey. Above all, participating in the realities of the communities and what it has meant to her to share with the people.

(video in Spanish)

African Memory Project: Fr. Ismael Piñón

Padre Ismael

We continue this series of testimonies with Fr. Ismael and his missionary experience in Chad.

Fr. Ismael Piñón, as a Comboni Missionary, shares with us his time of missionary service in Chad for eight years. There he was in charge of the formation of a parish that would be the backbone of such important social projects as the construction of schools in villages without access to education.

Retreat and celebration of the patronal feast of St. Daniel Comboni in the parish by the CLM of Sarh (Chad).


Good morning everyone, we, CLM of Chad, prepared and celebrated the October 10 Solemnity of our Patron Saint Daniel Comboni as follows:

We started the day of October 8 with a retreat, followed by adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with the whole Comboni family in the parish.

The retreat continued all day on 9 October at the spiritual center of “Les Roniers”.

On 10 October Mass was celebrated in different parishes with the participation of 4 CLM.

In the evening we had a fraternal meal with the whole Comboni family, including the young Comboni postulants and novices.

It was a beautiful celebration; we leave here some photos.