Comboni Lay Missionaries

Extraordinary Missionary Month Video (IV): Formation


We share the video of this third week of the Extraordinary Missionary Month in which Pope Francis invites us, in the words of Saint Daniel Comboni, to be “holy and capable.”

To give an ideal answer to the realities of today we must be well prepared, understanding that this implies a good human, social, spiritual and technical training. Only then, we can collaborate properly in building a better and fairer world for all.

Extraordinary Missionary Month Video (III): Being Witnesses


We share the video corresponding to the 2nd week of the Extraordinary Missionary Month in which the Pope invites all Christians to be Witnesses of Jesus Christ in the midst of our world. Being witnesses of Jesus means breaking schemes, eliminating differences, and leave our comforts to meet each other.

Comboni Lay Missionaries group project in Kenya

CLM Kenya
CLM Kenya

We are a small group of individuals, whose formation has been running for close to two years. The group comprises of members of different cultural backgrounds, ages and professions who have found within themselves a deep missionary zeal and the great desire to spread the Gospel.

We meet on the first weekend of every month for formation led by Rev. Fr. Maciek together with other priests within the community in St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Utawala in Nairobi.

It is of absolute importance that we ensure that our group grows in number and that we also spread the need for missionary work among the Christians. With this in mind, we animated Masses at St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Utawala where we got a chance to evangelize to the Christians and share on who we are and why it would be necessary to have missionaries within the Christian community.

We were also able to start on a project, where we sell pure honey from Amakuriat in West Pokot to the Christians and other interested parties. We can proudly say that the first sale was a success and we are hopeful that we shall continue with this in the long term. The finances gained from the sales will go a long way in helping us acquire the necessary resources we will need for the formation process and more. By the grace of the Almighty God, we shall keep on making more and more strides each day.

Be blessed.

Below are some of the pictures from the project and the CLM group members

Members of CLM during formation:

CLM Kenya

From Left: Njeri, Josephine, Shamala, Margaret, Beatrice, Pauline, Martin

CLM Kenya

Missing from the above group: from left, Fr. Claude during formation, Naliaka, & Damien

The Honey Project

CLM Kenya

New Comboni Lay Missionaries

LMC México
LMC Mexico

On last August 17 and 18 a retreat of information was held to help new people get to know the Comboni charism as Lay Missionaries. About 30 people attended coming from Tabasco, Michoacán, Jalisco and Guanajuato. We started with some integration activities and animation, then we moved to our first workshop given by the CLM José Dolores (Lolo), who gave us seven tips to reach interior peace. After that we greatly enjoyed a holy hour where we strongly experienced the presence of God. To end the first phase, we moved on to supper and a camp fire, to spend some time together and tell some of the stories that have left a sign in our lives and hearts as missionaries.

The next days, we started with a community prayer to offer to God our family and our mission. It was followed by a workshop given by the CLM Juan José, who spoke on Comboni spirituality.

LMC Mexico

The Eucharist followed, celebrated by the Fr. Lalo, who currently works in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which filled us with emotions and joy. During his homily he told us something about his experience there and moved us with his message. Following that, we had a short presentation on the work, formation, promotion, mission, etc of the Comboni Lay Missionaries at the international level, given by the CLM Daniela Becerra, who also gave us a little tour of Kenya, Africa. The CLM Lolo and Maricruz spoke about this experience and taught us something about the Swahili language. Before that, however, the CLM Verito Arenas, coordinator of the CLM in San Francisco del Rincón, spoke on the work they do locally.

LMC Mexico

Following all that, the group was divided into two in order to write a letter of commitment. One group was guided by the CLM Beatriz, of the National Formation Team, and it was made up of CLM who have already finished two years of basic formation. They wrote their petition to the coordinating team of Mexico to be allowed to continue to work permanently one more year in the community. The other group, made up of those who had been newly invited to become CLM, listened to the witness of CLM Adriana, the National Coordinator, who spoke of her life and experience in Peru. After writing their letters, the two groups joined again so that the new ones could witness the commitment of each CLM. The joy and emotion were such that several were deeply moved by this. After hugs and congratulations to the new CLM, we closed our retreat with some time of celebration where we could share the joy we had experienced during these days. We wish to thank all the participants and are grateful for the support we received from some benefactors. We will keep praying for you, for the new Lay people and for missionary vocations…

LMC México

“I die, but my work will not die”

St. Daniel Comboni

Extraordinary Mission Month videos (II). Prayer


We share the second video corresponding to the 1st week of the Extraordinary Missionary Month dedicated to PRAYER as the center of our life.

The encounter with Jesus is what lead us Christians to go out to meet the other. It is in this personal and community prayer that the missionary feels challenged by the different realities of the world.