Comboni Lay Missionaries

Meeting of the Comboni Family in Vitória (ES-Brazil)

LMC Brasil

On Friday morning, 06/07/24, we met to celebrate and share a family moment. A meeting of the Comboni Family.

The meeting began with the celebration of the Word, which was presided over by Father Carlo Faggion, also present were Fathers Elio, Vincent and Willy. We were welcomed by the Comboni Sisters who live there. I took part representing the Comboni Lay Missionaries.

“A credible witness to a new humanity and solidarity” was an excerpt from Father Carlo’s reflection. He also presented us with an illustration of St. Daniel Comboni on the cross with Christ. This image is full of symbolism and provokes many reflections on this day dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

“It’s about Comboni’s marriage with the Cross and the unique gaze of Jesus and Comboni. Africa is in the heart.”

Tranquillo Dias, LMC in ES (Espírito Santo)

What is mission, if it’s not connecting people?

LMC Kenia

Here we are, CLM of Kenya, at the recent Friends of Comboni feast in Utawala, on Ascension day, to arouse people’s enthusiasm about missionary work, about what it means to be a CLM, whether in Nairobi, or West Pokot, or wherever we are. To build bridges between our mission in Kitelakapel and this Comboni parish within Nairobi, and all the Friends of Comboni gathered there.

As we keep reaching new parishes with our mission animations, more and more people are getting to know us, embracing our cause, getting involved, supporting us spiritually and economically, and more importantly, increasing our numbers. We are now so many that we are looking for a new place for our monthly meetings, as we don’t fit anymore in the guesthouse which we’ve been using so far.

Mission is a passion, which can drive each one of us to contribute in their own way: those who are in the field, abroad or doing service in the place where they live, those who support economically near and far, those who dedicate their time and service to fundraise, to make our work and charism known, to build relationships, to involve new members and form them, to connect with the other branches of CLM and remain united.

And as we thank the Comboni family for involving us in this exercise, we want to send a message of encouragement to all CLM: let’s not lose hope and keep reaching new places, physically and virtually (social media!) with our mission animation! The only tool for us to keep growing, in numbers and strength, so that the good work we’re doing everywhere in the world, and especially in the international communities where we so need more missionaries, will not be wasted.

May the Spirit give us this courage!!!

CLM Kenya

Missionary sharing about the mission in Mozambique

GEC Brasil

On the evening of May 9, Regimar and Tito shared with the GEC (Comboni Spirituality Group) of Nova Contagem about their first mission period in Mozambique.

Through photos and videos, they recalled various moments from their memories.

The people present interacted, asking questions and commenting.

One of the highlights of the sharing was the help given to the families with the donations received from Brazil and Poland after the cyclone that hit the region in 2022. The couple thanked them for their collaboration and stressed how important it had been.

They talked about the seed project, which worked very well, where they gave the families a quantity of bean and corn seed to plant and after the harvest, the families returned the same quantity. Although not everyone returned the seeds, the overall balance was positive, with beautiful signs such as families returning larger quantities than they had taken, as a sign of gratitude. And this cycle is continuing for this harvest too.

They talked about the culture, the challenges, the joys and the future prospects.

At the end, we prayed together and ended with a shared snack.

The GEC is grateful for the sharing and the missionary enrichment!

GEC Brasil

GEC Nova Contagem

Golden jubilee celebration of the MCCJ in Ghana

MCCJ Ghana

The first group of MCCJ arrived in Ghana in 1974. Among this group was Rev. Fr. Joseph Rabbiosi who is still serving in Ghana and father Cuniberto of blessed memory.

To mark this fiftieth anniversary, the MCCJ in Togo-Ghana-Benin planned a conference on the 26th April at Good Shepherd Catholic Church of Mafi-Kumase and climaxed it with a thanksgiving mass on 27th at Our Lady of Assumption (OLA), Accra.

An exciting mark of the anniversary was the presence of the Father General of the MCCJ, Father Gabriel Tesfaye and one of his assistants Fr. Elias Sindjalim. The conference was facilitated by the Superior General and his Assistant together with the Superior Provincial, Fr. Timothy Hounake. The bishop of the diocese, his Lordship Gabriel Kumordji was also present for the conference. The theme of the conference was “Save Africa through Africa.” In his presentation, the Superior General laid emphasis on the Plan for the Regeneration of Africa of our Founder St. Daniel Comboni. The Father General insisted on the dream of Comboni, which he said, was a dream of faith. To show the realization of that dream in the MCCJ family, a statistic was presented by Fr. Elias on the presence of MCCJ in the world, in Africa and in Ghana. It was clear, the dream of Comboni is coming true. Another truth of the realization of the dream is the presence of the CLM who also said few words during the Superior General presentation.

On Saturday, the climax was the thanksgiving mass at Accra presided over by the Archbishop of Accra, Bishop Bonaventure Kwofie around which MCCJ priests and other priests and a chapel full of faithful among which the CLM. An award was presented to Fr. Joseph Rabbiosi a living testimony of the fifty years of presence. A cake was cut at the end of the celebration after which a meal sharing took place.

Justin Nougnui, CLM.