Comboni Lay Missionaries

Project “Memory of Africa”: Milagros Zabalza


We continue this series of testimonies with Milagros Zabalza.

Comboni Missionary Sister and nurse, Milagros has dedicated a large part of her life to work with patients affected by Hansen’s bacillus (leprosy), both in Egypt and in South Sudan, when the country was not yet independent. In this interview, recorded expressly for Proyecto Memoria, she narrates her life journey, linked to the African continent, during the outbreak of the Second Sudanese Civil War.

African Memory Project: Jorge Naranjo

Jorge Narjanjo

We continue this series with Fr. Jorge Naranjo, a Comboni priest, who has worked with the refugee population of the civil war between North and South Sudan, a conflict that lasted more than 40 years. Throughout this interview, recorded by Casa África for its “Memory Project”, he tells us about the experience of a missionary in countries with a mainly Islamic cultural presence.

Jorge Naranjo have received the Cross of the Royal Order of Isabel the Catholic.

(Interview in Spanish)