Comboni Lay Missionaries

“Foxes have dens and birds have nests. But the son of man has nowhere to lay his head. Follow me.”

Regimar Mozambique

Dear people of God!

Peace and Good!

Hearing this call of Jesus, I followed him. And it is with great joy that I tell you. I am in Africa. The Africa so loved by Comboni and so dreamed of by us Comboni Missionaries.

The trip was very good. I had some challenges with communication due to the language in the airports and in the aircraft, but nothing that took my breath away.

On the first flight English and Arabic were spoken. And I didn’t understand either language, lolrsrsrs. But God always puts angels in our way. There were many Brazilians on the flight and I had help from a woman and a young man named Bruno, Bruno was an angel from Brazil to Maputo. He helped me a lot, especially in Qatar, he guided me at the airport, to get to the boarding gate which was far away and difficult to find.

On the second flight I was able to communicate with the little Spanish I had learned.

When I arrived to Maputo I felt Comboni’s presence very strong, it was as if he was there, guiding me.

Time for lunch, looking for food. Oops, five meticais were missing… the attendant added, another angel.

At the boarding gate, surprise, the suitcase overweight, as it varies according to the country, weighed 3 kg more. Result: a fine of four thousand meticais that the attendant miraculously gives up charging. Another angel? No doubt about it. And Comboni for sure.

In the aircraft to Nampula, a child starts playing with us, for me the welcome was there.

Finally we land in Nampula. Fr. Massimo was waiting for us at the airport. Two more missionaries, priests, were with us.

We go home, have dinner and rest.

We are at the catechetical missionary center, in Anchilo, dealing with the documents while we wait for the Inculturation course to begin.

We met many priests here, as they are in assembly. We have been very well received by all.

On the first Sunday here, while the priests had mass in the center, I preferred to go to the celebration in the church together with the people. It was very good to see the smile, the joy of the people. The Macua people are very joyful and welcoming.

Little by little I began to get to know, to live with the people, a good morning, a quick conversation, a smile, this is how we build day by day, slowly so as not to scare anyone.

Aware of the mission that I have, of the challenges already known and those that will arise, I arrive in the land of the mission. I bring with me the initial situation. It is already possible to feel that the challenges will be great, but confident in the Lord I will follow, His word is greater, and if the mission is from God, it is holy, it is certain.

My journey is just beginning, and I feel happy to be accomplishing what I always wanted.

Every day I realize that the work of Comboni is becoming more and more concrete. “I die, but my work will not die.

I wanted to share with you a little of what is happening and once again thank you all for your help, affection and prayers. Without you it would not be possible.

Keep praying for the mission and for all the missionaries. From here I follow in prayer for each one of you.

I am very happy and I ask Jesus to bless this new mission.

May Comboni, Our Lady and missionary Jesus bless you all.

Strong hugs, directly from Africa.


Comboni Lay Missionary – Brazil/Mozambique

Missionary experience in the province of Togo-Ghana-Benin Province from 11th December, 2021 to 3rd January, 2022.


On the 11th December, three of our members namely Wotormenyo Christian, Amekor Benjamin and Justin Nougnui started the journey to Togo. After crossing Togo-Ghana border, we headed towards Tabligbo to meet the parish priest Rev. Fr. Shane Degblor who took us to Sts Joachim and Anna catholic Church in Esse_Ana where we should reside for the experience. Our stay for three weeks helped us to enjoy our togetherness and also to go out to meet other people. We were later joined by our brother Godwin Ocloo.

A. A. Community life

We had time to pray together as CLM aspirants, eat together, plan together.

  1. Prayer life : We had time to pray together in the morning and evening, share daily readings and mostly Sunday readings with some comments given to us by the parish priest.
  2. Around the table: With a food prepared by ourselves or with the help of some members of the Church, we always sat at the same table for the meal. And often, the eating went in pair with discussion on our experience and also about clm life in our province.
  3. Planning: In evening, we reflected on how best we spent the day and how best we could continue.

B. Life with the church community

The meeting held with the parish priest on the 15th December after our arrival at Esse-Ana paved the way for us in our commitment with the church community.

  1. Prayer with the community: We had morning celebrations from Monday to Friday. With the nice organization of the Diocese of Aneho about the lay Communion Ministers, we had the grace to receive Holy Communion at daily basis with the zeal of the Fidei Custos Richard Tchitchira.

The worship was either presided over by one of us or the catechist Albert Adandjehoun.

Monday and Thursday, we prayed rosary.

Christmas festivities were very enjoyed with celebrations and entertainment by Holy Childhood and Hosevu (drum group).

  • Work with the church associations: A meeting held with associations’ leaders on the 12th December helped us to know the challenges some groups were facing. We tried our best to help them especially the Choir and the lectors. With morning songs learning, we equipped the choristers with some new songs. Also, we increased the number of the lectors by calling for membership.
  • Training on worship leading: We started a training of two members of Esse-Ana community to enable them to lead a celebration in the absence of a priest. We entrusted the two people to the catechist to continue their training.

C. Meeting with outside church world

  1. House visitation: House visitation helped us to come across some sick people either of the church or not. We met a sub-committee of the church committee in charge of sick people to continue the visitation and plan some help to them. We also spoke to the catechist to prepare the communicants among the sick for the Sacrament of Confession so to prepare them for Holy Communion. We invited other people to join us in our celebrations.
  2. Teaching of English language: We came to Esse-Ana some days before vacation. With this opportunity, we moved from Primary to Senior High (Lycée) passing by Junior High (Collège) to assist the English teachers in teaching English Language. Being all teachers and a fortiori having an English master, Amekor Benjamin, among us was a great advantage to teach. We invited students to church and to take up some leadership position. We had a worship with the primary school before departing and planned for other activities to continue when they resume.

D. Other station visitations

We visited other stations near Esse-Ana. By car, motor or bicycle, Christian Wotormenyo and Justin Nougnui went to Kodehoe, Tometykondji, Boevikorpe and Klohome. We helped in the sharing of the Word, preparing the choir and going round to visit some faithful who stopped coming to church. We gathered some couples at Esse-Ana with the aim to facilitate their training for Holy Matrimony.

E. Challenges

The main challenge we came across was the absence of electricity which handicapped some of our activities. The other challenge was the means to reach stations around Esse-Ana. We reached some stations with motor(hired) and bicycle.

F. Readiness for more

This experience brought new aspects of what we did last year in Cape-Coast (Republic of Ghana) which are teaching (our profession) and going outside the main station. We have seen the need for teaching and the need to go out. We hope the subsequent experience will open the way for us to practice our profession and have time and means to reach out more stations.

Justin Nougnui, coordinator.

Greetings to everyone from Anchilo (Nampula-Mozambique)


I am Tito, a Comboni Lay Missionary of the Diocese of Balsas, Maranhão (Brazil).

After a long time of formation and mission and waiting because of Covid, I could finally leave for the mission ad gentes in Mozambique, Africa.

I left Brazil on the 5th and arrived in Mozambique on the 7th at night.

The trip was long and tiring, but nothing stopped me from continuing to reach my final destination where God called and sent me for this mission.

Here I was well received and I am slowly getting to know and adapting to this new reality of life and mission.

Through the intercession of St. Daniel Comboni, may the God of life bless me with a beautiful and blessed mission.

Pray for me, for the Mozambican people and for the mission.

I will be praying for you.

Hugs to all.

Tito, Comboni Lay Missionary.

And as the Macua people say, Salama salama Koxukuru Ampwene Muluku.

Path to mission


“Do I thus follow certain of the mission I have to fulfill?” Time is strange, situations, the unexpected, the pandemic and new waves, the non-fulfillment of projections, change, waiting, expectation, joys and sorrows, beginnings and new beginnings populate our human history.

In the dialogue between Jesus, Peter and Andrew, the latter already knew the Lord and had even announced him to his brother, he is delighted and surprised by the Lord’s invitation “I will make you fishers of men”. Thus the mission is being accomplished.

Africa? (Everyone asks) when? The date has arrived, today begins our journey to Mozambique. But the certainty we have is that everything will come the way the Lord wants, or not. It is the true adventure of living according to God’s will. It is not easy, but He is my refuge and strength!

May the Lord give us and renew us each day the hope and the certainty that “when we do what God wants, we are sure to be rewarded at the end of everything”. Here is the logic of being Christian, of believing, of living in God and for God! So let’s live for Him, every day, and be grateful for the life that pulsates in us, for the little miracles of everyday life, and above all for the opportunities that are presented to us to mature humanly and spiritually. It is impossible to listen to the Lord and not give Him an answer. “Leaving the nets immediately, they followed him.”

Mission is to leave, but it doesn’t mean to devour kilometers. As our beloved Dom Elder Câmara used to say. Mission is to let God conduct our life and our history, just as He conducted the life of St. Daniel Comboni and the life of our mother Mary of Nazareth. We ask for their intersection so that our mission is guided by the divine force, we count on your prayers to accomplish this mission together.

And you, which net or nets do you need to leave? Or what do you need to abandon yourself to the Lord?

Let us follow! God bless us and lead us!

Regimar and Tito, CLM Brazil

GEC in mission

LMC Brasil

Yesterday was celebrated the sending Mass of Regimar and Valmir, Comboni Lay Missionaries (CLM).

The sending forth took place at the community Nossa Senhora Aparecida, at Ipê Amarelo – Contagem-MG.

The missionary couple decided to go on an overseas mission when they were participating in the GEC (Comboni Spirituality Group) of Balsas. They will travel to Mozambique this Wednesday, January 5th.

Let us continue to accompany this missionary couple with our friendship, prayer and sharing. Daniel Comboni, pray for us.

CLM Brazil