Comboni Lay Missionaries

Path to mission


“Do I thus follow certain of the mission I have to fulfill?” Time is strange, situations, the unexpected, the pandemic and new waves, the non-fulfillment of projections, change, waiting, expectation, joys and sorrows, beginnings and new beginnings populate our human history.

In the dialogue between Jesus, Peter and Andrew, the latter already knew the Lord and had even announced him to his brother, he is delighted and surprised by the Lord’s invitation “I will make you fishers of men”. Thus the mission is being accomplished.

Africa? (Everyone asks) when? The date has arrived, today begins our journey to Mozambique. But the certainty we have is that everything will come the way the Lord wants, or not. It is the true adventure of living according to God’s will. It is not easy, but He is my refuge and strength!

May the Lord give us and renew us each day the hope and the certainty that “when we do what God wants, we are sure to be rewarded at the end of everything”. Here is the logic of being Christian, of believing, of living in God and for God! So let’s live for Him, every day, and be grateful for the life that pulsates in us, for the little miracles of everyday life, and above all for the opportunities that are presented to us to mature humanly and spiritually. It is impossible to listen to the Lord and not give Him an answer. “Leaving the nets immediately, they followed him.”

Mission is to leave, but it doesn’t mean to devour kilometers. As our beloved Dom Elder Câmara used to say. Mission is to let God conduct our life and our history, just as He conducted the life of St. Daniel Comboni and the life of our mother Mary of Nazareth. We ask for their intersection so that our mission is guided by the divine force, we count on your prayers to accomplish this mission together.

And you, which net or nets do you need to leave? Or what do you need to abandon yourself to the Lord?

Let us follow! God bless us and lead us!

Regimar and Tito, CLM Brazil

We celebrate our CLM Day

Asamblea LMC Roma 2018

Once again we celebrate our CLM day, the third Sunday of Advent, the Sunday of joy.

It is a special day for all CLM since at the last assembly held in Rome in December 2018 we approved that day so that we can all celebrate our missionary vocation together.

It has rained a lot since then. Of particular relevance is the pandemic we are going through that reminds us of the fragility of our human condition and how small our common home is.

In the past, when the flu or any other virus entered our home, it would pass from one member to another as soon as we were careless. This is what is happening with this coronavirus. It passes from one person to another, from one country to another, from one continent to another. This invisible enemy shows us not only our weakness but the interconnectedness of all humanity. Each new variant reminds us that it is something we must fight together, no one will be free and if we are not able to share the vaccines and remedies that are being discovered, it will spread again and again.

It is a cry for solidarity, not to hoard, because we are all in the same boat.

Our missionary vocation has always been a gift in this sense. We know and feel that we are one big family as humanity. We feel the weakness of our brothers and sisters and we make ourselves available to go out to help others, leaving home, work, friends, family….

It remains a challenge for us to share what we have discovered or have been given as a gift. It is in our hands to share the richness that each people we have visited, with whom we have shared our lives, has brought us. Caring for, accompanying others has given us much more joy than the little we have been able to do on our part.

It is not a theory, it is a life experience… that we cannot keep silent but share with everyone.

A wonderful world has been given to us. Achieving a dignified life for every person on this planet will allow all of us to better enjoy our own life.

Recognizing that we are all children of the same Father-Mother God who loves us and wants us to love and care for each other as brothers and sisters is the joy we want to share with everyone.

In communion with the rest of the Comboni Family and the whole Church we encourage this to be possible.

To celebrate our vocation is to reaffirm ourselves in it, to remain faithful to the call we have received, to recognize that we are limited, but tremendously loved… and since we cannot keep this Love, we go out to share it with all humanity.

We approach the mystery of Jesus born in a manger on the outskirts of a small village in Palestine… welcomed among shepherds and simple people. May we know how to contemplate and understand this mystery that helps us to place ourselves in history….

Happy day to all CLM around the world and thank you very much to all of you who support us working hand in hand, with your prayers, with your financial help… with your closeness.

A big hug

Alberto de la Portilla, CLM Central Committee