Comboni Lay Missionaries

Extraordinary Missionary Month Video (IV): Formation


We share the video of this third week of the Extraordinary Missionary Month in which Pope Francis invites us, in the words of Saint Daniel Comboni, to be “holy and capable.”

To give an ideal answer to the realities of today we must be well prepared, understanding that this implies a good human, social, spiritual and technical training. Only then, we can collaborate properly in building a better and fairer world for all.

Extraordinary Missionary Month Video (III): Being Witnesses


We share the video corresponding to the 2nd week of the Extraordinary Missionary Month in which the Pope invites all Christians to be Witnesses of Jesus Christ in the midst of our world. Being witnesses of Jesus means breaking schemes, eliminating differences, and leave our comforts to meet each other.

Extraordinary Mission Month videos (II). Prayer


We share the second video corresponding to the 1st week of the Extraordinary Missionary Month dedicated to PRAYER as the center of our life.

The encounter with Jesus is what lead us Christians to go out to meet the other. It is in this personal and community prayer that the missionary feels challenged by the different realities of the world.

Formation Extraordinary Missionary Month 2019

Tema MME

As we know Pope Francis has called for an extraordinary missionary month in October 2019, in order to further awaken the missionary consciousness of the missio ad gentes and to resume the missionary transformation of life and pastoral with a new impulse.

One of the key proposals of this month should be training. That is why we offer you this little theme that can be used in youth and adult groups, in religion classes, confirmation groups, community formation and even as a personal reflection (although always better in community).

Therefore we will start from the letter of convocation of Pope Francis, from the letter Maximun Illud that Pope Benedict XV wrote (which we recommend reading or having next to consult) and whose centenary celebration causes the convocation of this extraordinary missionary month. We will also be accompanied by the writings and life of a missionary like Saint Daniel Comboni; His life together with that of other missionaries would inspire this letter and hopefully it will also help us and inspire each of us in our communities to be missionaries today.