Comboni Lay Missionaries

African Memory Project: Jaime Calvera


We continue this series with Fr. Jaime Calvera, a Comboni Missionary who arrived in South Africa for the first time in 1985, a country to which he dedicated his work until he was recalled to Spain. In this interview he tells us with special enthusiasm about his experiences in projects such as the Mamelodi choir, which came to fruition despite the harsh social context of the country, and also introduces us to the Ubuntu philosophy.

(Interview in Spanish)

African Memory Project: Jorge Naranjo

Jorge Narjanjo

We continue this series with Fr. Jorge Naranjo, a Comboni priest, who has worked with the refugee population of the civil war between North and South Sudan, a conflict that lasted more than 40 years. Throughout this interview, recorded by Casa África for its “Memory Project”, he tells us about the experience of a missionary in countries with a mainly Islamic cultural presence.

Jorge Naranjo have received the Cross of the Royal Order of Isabel the Catholic.

(Interview in Spanish)

African Memory Project: Daniel Villaverde

P Daniel Villaverde

We continue this series with Fr. Daniel Villaverde, a Comboni Missionary.

For 20 years, Fr. Daniel worked in northern Kenya with nomadic populations such as the Turkana. He talks about this and other tribes, the difficult terrain and the growing (and perhaps unstoppable) influence of Western values on the new urban Kenyan generations. (Interview in Spanish).

African Memory Project: Enrique Bayo Mata

Fr Kike

We continue this series with Fr. Enrique Bayo Mata, a Comboni Missionary who spent fifteen years in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Fr. Enrique tells us about his rich experience of learning the African liturgy and his work on the continent, which includes, in addition to pastoral service, publishing, radio and television. For many years he has collaborated with the CLM in Congo, at the African level and even within the Central Committee of the CLM. (Interview in Spanish)

African Memory Project: Antonio Guirao

P Antonio Guirao

We continue this series with Fr. Antonio Guirao Casanova, Comboni priest and missionary, who has been twenty-three years in Kenya. On this occasion, he tells us about his approach and coexistence with the semi-nomadic tribe of the Pokots. During that time, he has carried out essential work in the field of education in both rural and urban areas in the capital, Nairobi. (Interview in Spanish)