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Comboni Lay Missionaries in the Radio program Women of Religious Diversity and the Feminist Struggle

LMC Mexico

A small house, a large patio, a small living room and a blue booth were the spaces for the meeting between a lay woman who acted as host, an Anglican woman, two representatives of the Hare Krishna community, an agnostic online teacher, two CLM women, a Comboni priest and the State Coordinator of Religious Affairs. The topic? To discuss whether it was possible to talk about feminism from a religious point of view. Crisol de la Alegría, Radio y Televisión was the host thanks to the invitation of Father Mario Escalera, Coordinator of Interreligious Dialogue in Monterrey.

They talked about the history of feminism, the main representatives, the struggles that women of yesteryear had to fight in order to obtain achievements that today are a normality for those of us who live in this era.

Is it possible to speak of a feminism based on religious diversity? Throughout history there has been, yes, a patriarchy that oppresses, however, religious organizations have been opening the way to talk more and more about the rights and responsibilities that women have not only in the field of associations that promote different forms of faith, but also in the daily life that sees women increasingly as important pillars of the dynamics of societies.

Is there a Secretariat for Equality and Inclusion? Yes, there are efforts in the current government such as the creation of the Secretariat for Inclusion and the Women’s Secretariat in order to promote education in the respect of women’s rights and the promotion of their powers as creative citizens, agents of change and people responsible for productive life.

What can women do from their trenches to achieve nonviolence against women? Sorority is definitely an important response. This empathy and accompaniment in the pain of a woman who has in other women a support that will lead her to discover new ways to overcome the barriers that, because of gender inequalities, are still experienced today, will help us to overcome not only violence, but also the different forms of discrimination and disadvantage.

How can we educate children to see the father-mother God without religious patriarchalism? Begin to promote the image of a God who is not only father but also mother, that is, a God who, as he presents himself, just “is,” without distinction of gender or race.

As a Christian community, how can we join the feminist struggle? It is not absurd to think of women of faith fighting from their trenches for a change that benefits not only themselves, but society in general; that seeks the integration of feminine and masculine efforts for the construction of a peaceful, supportive, inclusive world that defends dignified life and cooperation to achieve technological, social, scientific, educational, economic, political advances and, of course, a growth in our religious institutions that share a liberating faith that promotes love.

Definitely, a feminism from the faith is possible, understanding our doctrines as a source of wisdom for living together in harmony and having as a premise that it is people and not genders who should matter, because in the eyes of God, the dignity of each and every one is the same.

By: Silvia Tapia Jiménez (CLM of Monterrey, N.L., Mexico)

Returning to the CLM path in Mexico…

LMC México

In Mexico, after participating in our continental meeting in Peru, we met on October 15 in an extraordinary meeting called by our MCCJ advisor, Fr. Filomeno Ceja, to get to know each other better, where the elections of the national leaders of our group took place: Beatriz Maldonado, coordinator; Hortensia Licona, Economy; Silvia Tapia, missionary animation; Adán Aguilar, formator and Rocío Quintero, Justice and Peace. We set ourselves the task of establishing the concrete lines of action so that each commission could take up again the path based on our national reality, being aware that it is necessary to update ourselves and rediscover the concrete field of action to be followed.

We have carried out a diagnostic questionnaire that will facilitate the realization of our work plan for 2023, and in dialogue with the coordinators we are analyzing what we will be able to do in the following year. The organizational chart has already been updated and we have the task of reading our directory in order to review it and modify what needs to be renewed. Also, to the extent of our possibilities, we are making our overdue contributions in order to fulfill our contribution to the international common fund and thanks to the collaboration of two benefactors we will be able to send something for the communities of Kenya and Mozambique, a flyer has been made to promote vocations in the Comboni family within our missionary animations.

We were invited to participate in the week of UIC Theology, we were offered to participate in this meeting, the central theme was “Co-responsibility and participation of the Laity in the Evangelizing Life and Mission of the Church” it was very enriching to be able to live it. These are spaces in which we can receive training that help us in our Christian maturity, updating our ways of serving in our church.

Fr. Filomeno took on the task of visiting the local groups and getting to know the reality of each one. For the moment we need to visit those in Monterrey who have shared with us that they are supporting the missionary animations; Manuelita, Rosy and Minerva also accompanied him to visit the parish of Metlatonoc to make an analysis of the reality that will allow us to make a decision about the needs that we find and what we can contribute, it is a town with a richness in its traditions and the way in which the faith has been preserved, since it was seen and commented the need for a committed lay presence in the parish, being necessary to have a decent place to reopen a mission experience as CLM in coordination with the MCCJ and the parish.

LMC México

By the grace of God I had the opportunity to close this liturgical year participating in an assembly of the Pontifical Missionary Works of the Mexican Episcopate OMPE, in the XIX national meeting of Lay Missionary Institutes Ad Gentes “MILAG”, we have introduced ourselves and we have put in common the way we accompany people who want to be part of our group briefly describing our formation process; thanks to the international formation guide that we have it was easy to explain it.

We were introduced to the missionary project “Laity in Departure” which will be enriched and implemented after this meeting, there is a very important figure which is the “Diocesan Animator of Lay Missions Ad gentes” that we will propose to the dioceses and that will be appointed to work in communion with MILAG and the OMPE. We have proposed candidates who could exercise this service together with the diocesan director of missions and his team.

Before the beginning of this liturgical year, soon to begin, we have programmed “Celebrate the CLM day” virtually, this Third Sunday of Advent, praying the missionary rosary, each local group will lead a mystery, it will be a moment of prayer that will help us to integrate as a group, in the joy of getting together to celebrate that we share our being CLM and we are in tune with our missionary work. Meditating on the life of Jesus Christ under the intercession of our mother the Virgin Mary. United in prayer for the good of the mission, we will continue to communicate.

Beatriz Maldonado, CLM Mexico

CLM American Meeting


On September 25, 2021, the American CLM Committee: MCCJ Fr. Ottorino Poletto, Beatriz Maldonado and Mireya Soto, with the accompaniment of Alberto de la Portilla, were pleased to meet with the CLM of America and some of Europe, to have a formative conference, given by Father Dario Bossi, with the theme “the vocation of the laity in the socio-political and ecclesial context of America“.


Father Dario Bossi is a Comboni Missionary, currently provincial coordinator of the Comboni Missionaries in Brazil. The theme was developed in three important points: Colorful spots (to understand the situation where we are), Christian lights (lights that from the faith and the Church help us to understand the reality and provide ideas) and CLM Mission (some ideas that as missionaries, in our case Comboni Missionaries, we can develop).

He explained that America is a continent with cultural richness, natural resources, and in the face of the storm that humanity is going through, we CLM have the commitment to dialogue and act in favor of the poor and the needy, hence the hope and the lights that we have such as the Encyclicals of Pope Francis in which he speaks of the commitment to nature and the need for a Church to go out; The mission ad gentes and our relationship as Comboni family.

The conference has been recorded and you can listen to it and analyze it (here below in Spanish) for further enrichment of our groups.

Our meeting ended with the prayer that Christ taught us, giving thanks for having gathered and shared.

Divine works are born and grow at the foot of the cross“. St. Daniel Comboni.

Mireya Soto, CLM American Committee

The Missionary Commitment of Mónica Denisse Cervantes Suárez


“I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.” Sam 1, 27-28

I chose this quote from the Bible because my mother always asked God that I met Him and fall in love with His works before I went to college. She asked for it so much that it was given to her. It was given to her so I would not lose my way and I would always adhere to the values that she taught me.

Today I thank God for allowing me to be closer to Him. I thank for the family who have always supported me in my projects. I thank for those friends who have brought me closer to Christ and for all the people who have supported me on this path, especially with their prayers. I thank to Comboni Missionaries and the Combonian Lay Missionaries (CLM) who have become a real family to me and with whom I have had many beautiful experiences in this so far short period of my missionary journey, and…

Monica y familia



CLM Mexico

Visit of Fr. Ottorino to the CLM group in Mexico.


As we well know, the laity have an advisor at continental level, in America we are accompanied by Fr. Ottorino who serves in the province of Ecuador and was physically present in our country on the occasion of the vows that the already scholastic Larzon Alexandre Angulo Burbano made.

I had the opportunity to go to Mexico City, to accompany his visit and so I was able to walk a little accompanied with Fr. Juan Diego Provincial of Central America, Fr. Gabriel and Fr. Filomeno in order to visit Our Lady of Guadalupe. Besides walking around, we discussed the way in which the meeting with the Laity could be, since we are in different cities and we had to define the best option. With the group from Mexico City the date was set and without any problem the meeting took place. We had to adjust the way in which we would meet with the other groups since we thought of visiting each of the houses where there was presence of Laity, but by suggestion of the Provincial Fr. Enrique it was decided that he would only go to Sahuayo, the CLM of Guadalajara and San Francisco del Rincón would try to get there to be present. To facilitate the presence of the coordinating team where all the groups are present, a virtual meeting was organized where all the groups could be present, Vero from San Francisco del Rincón could not make it to Sahuayo for reasons of force majeure, but she connected virtually, so only Juan José from Sahuayo was missing, responsible for National Formation.


Fr Ottorino visited us, he listened attentively to each one of us and took note of everything we talked about, it was a lot of information in a short time. He proposed that soon we could meet, have our assembly, present reports, establish agreements, it is very good to have an advisor like him who is interested in each person and for the group to know how we are progressing, he also told us that he was already vaccinated and that he had had a quiet trip.

On May 10, which is celebrated as “Mother’s Day in Mexico” we had the opportunity to walk in the city of Sahuayo, visit the “Sacred Places” as the Shrine of Joselito, Cristo Rey, Catacombs of the Sacred Heart and the chapel of San Francisco where the MCCJ Fr. Tonino works; as well as Mexican handicraft stores, Huaraches (woven shoes) and the Municipal Market where the father could greet the family of Monica as they have a stand of seeds and dried chili peppers. In the afternoon we went to have lunch with the family at a farm and in the evening we enjoy a coffee in front of the main square. We know that on his return he would meet with Katarzyna and Adán a couple from Mexico City and before making his return trip he would meet with MCCJ Fr. Gustavo, advisor of the CLM in Mexico.

“Thank you for your sharing” Fr. OTTORINO.

Beatriz, CLM Mexico