Comboni Lay Missionaries

African Memory Project: Jaime Calvera


We continue this series with Fr. Jaime Calvera, a Comboni Missionary who arrived in South Africa for the first time in 1985, a country to which he dedicated his work until he was recalled to Spain. In this interview he tells us with special enthusiasm about his experiences in projects such as the Mamelodi choir, which came to fruition despite the harsh social context of the country, and also introduces us to the Ubuntu philosophy.

(Interview in Spanish)

African Memory Project: Jorge Naranjo

Jorge Narjanjo

We continue this series with Fr. Jorge Naranjo, a Comboni priest, who has worked with the refugee population of the civil war between North and South Sudan, a conflict that lasted more than 40 years. Throughout this interview, recorded by Casa África for its “Memory Project”, he tells us about the experience of a missionary in countries with a mainly Islamic cultural presence.

Jorge Naranjo have received the Cross of the Royal Order of Isabel the Catholic.

(Interview in Spanish)

Last webinar on ministeriality

Webinar FC
Webinar FC

This past weekend we held the third and last webinar on the ministeriality of the Comboni Family.

During the first two we were receiving as participants many proposals and challenges. The commission presented us the great work of the information gather on all the projects that the Comboni Family is carrying out throughout the world in different countries and continents.

There is a great wealth of service being carried out.

In this last meeting we had plenty of time for conversation.

On Friday, in addition to update the progress we have made, we were able to share in small groups the concrete work that each one of us is doing and to deepen our understanding of it. It was a very nice moment to know firsthand the direct service of the participants of the group and the importance of it. It is true that it is only a sample of all that is done as a Comboni family, but we were able to discover the passion with which it is done and the interrelationship between a service and another.

On Saturday we continued in this line analyzing the impact that these services are having in the different communities and even tried to broaden the vision of our work, the need to network with the rest of the Comboni family as well as with other groups inside and outside the church and to be aware of how the macro structural aspects influence the concrete communities and make this networking more and more necessary.

Webinar FC

We ended by sharing ideas on how to continue the collaboration as Comboni family as it has been done during these meetings.

We are thankful to the commission on ministeriality of the Comboni Family that has made these meetings possible and to the great work of systematizing all that has been shared during these years, which offers us a lot of material for analysis to improve our missionary service.

The idea of continuing to collaborate by sectors was very much repeated, so that those of us who share the same type of services can collaborate and exchange experiences.

On the other hand, we talked about the importance of being able to meet regularly as a family. From the meeting we get to know each other deeply and new ideas for collaboration can emerge. Perhaps having an annual meeting in each country would be an idea to consider. A place where we can get to know each other in greater depth, share the services we are performing and respond as a family to the challenges of the mission from the place where we are. From there will emerge initiatives that can also be carried out both at the continental and international level.

Webinar FC

May the charism of Comboni inspire us in this collaboration for a better missionary service.

Alberto de la Portilla. CLM Central Committee

African Memory Project: Daniel Villaverde

P Daniel Villaverde

We continue this series with Fr. Daniel Villaverde, a Comboni Missionary.

For 20 years, Fr. Daniel worked in northern Kenya with nomadic populations such as the Turkana. He talks about this and other tribes, the difficult terrain and the growing (and perhaps unstoppable) influence of Western values on the new urban Kenyan generations. (Interview in Spanish).

African Memory Project: Enrique Bayo Mata

Fr Kike

We continue this series with Fr. Enrique Bayo Mata, a Comboni Missionary who spent fifteen years in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Fr. Enrique tells us about his rich experience of learning the African liturgy and his work on the continent, which includes, in addition to pastoral service, publishing, radio and television. For many years he has collaborated with the CLM in Congo, at the African level and even within the Central Committee of the CLM. (Interview in Spanish)