Comboni Lay Missionaries

Recollection in Ghana

From March 15 to 17, we had a meeting in Ghana at the Dadome Station for recollection, monthly meeting and pastoral activity.

On Friday March 15, we met in Dadome to do our recollection for this Lenten season. That evening, we meditated on the Stations of the Cross with the faithful of the station. On Saturday morning, after morning prayer, we had the first theme that our brother Christian shared. It was on Dying to oneself to Live with Christ. He invited us to renounce ourselves through certain practices: going against certain practices of our cultures and traditions, loving God more than our parents, being humble are ways of dying to ourselves.

The second theme was Lent: journey for a spiritual combat which was presented by Justin, the coordinator. He insisted on the three priorities of Lent which are prayer, asceticism and fraternity. He invited us to strive to please the Lord by practicing virtue, renouncing carnal pleasures and extending our arms to our brothers and sisters.

Saturday evening was dedicated to the Sacrament of Reconciliation with the presence of Father Chaplain Father Ephrem. Afterwards, we prayed the rosary to end the recollection.

After dinner, we reflected on the economic situation of the group.

On Sunday morning, we followed Father Ephrem for the outdooring ceremony of a newborn baby. Afterwards, we headed to Husikorpe for the Eucharistic celebration. From Husikorpe, we returned to Dadome for a second mass. It was after mass and the family meal that everyone took their way home.

Justin Nougnui, coordinator.

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