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Preventive conflict management in a Christian family or community.

This theme was expounded to us by the Scholastic Constantine.

In his presentation, Sc. Constantine enumerated some of the causes of our conflicts in community before explaining the biblical basis of conflict management. It is Jesus himself who invites us to a loving resolution of our disagreements (Mt 18:15-17; Mt 6:12; Mt 5:23-24).

Open, sincere and honest communication; the mutual practice of forgiveness among members of the same Christian family; Prayer and Bible study in the family, the spirit of humility and compassion are some preventive strategies for managing conflicts in Christian communities. Conflict management is a pervasive challenge in all spheres of life. As followers of Jesus Christ, Christians are called to live in peace and harmony with one another.

At the end of his presentation, Sc Constantine concluded by saying that the preventive management of conflicts in Christian families and communities is a vital aspect of the Christian life. By following biblical principles, understanding the causes of conflict, and implementing effective prevention strategies, Christians can work together to prevent conflict, promote peace and unity, and witness to the love and grace of Jesus Christ in the world.

Aboe Lucien, CLM candidate.

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