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CLM African Online Meeting

Last weekend we had the opportunity to hold an online African meeting.

Technical difficulties were not lacking, as we all know how difficult it is sometimes for the internet connection to reach correctly to many places of our beloved continent. Sometimes we even had to make up for this difficulty with imagination, there were those who made themselves present through WhatsApp audios that we were later able to share.

We also had the challenge of overcoming the language barriers, but with patience and collaboration from all of us we were able to understand each other.

But the effort on the part of all had its reward.

We were able to dedicate the afternoon to listen to how each of the groups is living at this time, the dreams, hopes and difficulties of these times.

More and more African CLM groups are present, where there are still some CLM coming from Europe or America.

With the Dream of Saving Africa with Africa, more and more Africans are taking the missionary path, not only to help their closest brothers and sisters, but also with the will to open themselves to serve other countries, to collaborate all together in God’s mission for the world.

We ask the Lord to send African missionaries to his harvest, that with their good work they may help us to understand the Lord from their own culture and particularities. Likewise, may He help us as CLM movement to know how to accompany and support these vocations and that as a family we learn to collaborate together for the good of our sisters and brothers most in need.

Alberto de la Portilla, CLM Central Committee

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