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Pilgrimage with testimony of Sr. Sandra and letter of Fr. Ezequiel

In these 35 years of the martyrdom of the Servant of God, Fr. Ezequiel Ramin, Sister Sandra Amado, a Comboni Missionary Sister, shares her testimony of life and vocation and Andressa reads one of Fr. Ezequiel in his letters.


Together with the Church in Brazil and in the world, we remember the causes that moved the missionary and the Servant of God. Today the same causes continue to move society and the Church, especially through the action of Pope Francis. Both the Laudato Si and the Synod for the Amazon, or the meeting of young economists, convened in Assisi, are examples of the current and urgent struggle for justice. Life is a right for all, but a dignified life demands great changes in the system to which, unfortunately, we have become used to.

May Father Ezequiel be an example and an inspiration for us in this difficult time of life: pandemic, confinement, dismantling of rights and public policies. The missionary vocation is a dedication to the service of life, of the human person and of nature. Solidarity is a call for all, but by giving oneself to the mission it is strengthened and becomes a dream and a life project. Ezequiel Ramin, Sister Creusa, Sister Dorothy, Chico Mendes, Father Josimo, with so many martyrs who have fallen by the wayside, help our people to rise up to defend their rights and their lives.

Comboni Family in Mission

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