Comboni Lay Missionaries

Domund (World Mission Sunday) 2020

This Sunday, October 18, the Church celebrates Domund, the world mission Sunday; a day to keep the missionaries present more than ever, those people who, from their vocation, gave a “Yes” entrusted to God to leave their homes and go to very unknown places; places that have ended up becoming their homes, communities that have welcomed them to share life from faith in the Good Father and fraternity as sisters and brothers, because of our condition as Sons and Daughters of God.

It is a good time to pray intensely for them, to remember, to be questioned by their life testimonies and to support their missions and projects.

Because as baptized we all feel called to go out and share with what we are the Good News of God’s Love.

Come on sister!, Come on brother!, the mission awaits you, and it begins deep within you, to leave you overflowing.

Here I am, Lord, send me.

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