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Towards the Comboni Social Forum on Social Ministeriality 2021



ROME (EUR) 3 – 7 JULY 2021

Dear brothers, sisters, secular and lay Combonians! Peace to you!


We have known for some time that you have been waiting for the green light to indicate the names of the representatives of your provinces who were to participate in the Social Ministry Forum. We thank you for your patience and availability.

Unfortunately, in view of the stalemate created by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was not possible to convene the Comboni Social Forum in July 2020 as planned, and even the hypothesis of meeting again in December 2020 has been lost in view of a second wave in recent times. We are sorry once again to have to postpone this important event as a Comboni family, but the situation wisely asks us to reorganize ourselves for better times.

The event is therefore postponed to 3-7 July 2021.

However, in order to enhance this time that will bring us to the Forum in presence, we can animate the Comboni Family and prepare it for the event.

We are focusing on two 2-day webinar events: a first one in December 2020, and another one in March 2021.


Circulate the article published in Nigrizia in September 2020 to present the book WE ARE MISSION. The MCCJs will find it directly in the COMBONIAN FAMILY of November 2020. This action is intended to help participants to focus on the work and arrive prepared for the December 2020 event.


2-day Webinar, Friday 4th and Saturday 5th December, from 3.00 p.m. TO 5.00 p.m. Rome Time


= A change of epoch: the prophetic path of the Church (speaker to be confirmed). The aim is to offer a broader framework for the Comboni Social Forum, in the context of Evangelii Gaudium (EG), Laudato Si (LS), Fratres omnes (FO) Tutti Fratelli.

= The Comboni Social Forum in relation to the prophetic path of the Church (speaker to be confirmed). A theological reflection on the path of the FSC.


Two 2-hour webinars, including one interaction space (max 30 min). The webinar would be broadcast from Rome, with a following group in attendance. In other places, where possible, participants would be invited to meet and follow the talks together (and then share and reflect together), but the conferences would still be broadcast live to make it possible for anyone to participate. The recording of the conferences can be uploaded on the YouTube channel to make them accessible even to those who cannot connect live.

There should be simultaneous translation into several languages of the two conferences. Guiding questions will emerge from the conferences for group sharing / reflection (individual participants on Zoom can do it in the break out rooms) and a homework assignment in preparation for the March 2021 event.

Homework: in the months between the two events, participants will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the issues and put them in dialogue with their ministerial practice. Among the in-depth study tools, we strongly recommend reading the book: We are mission sent to the various provinces and communities via soft copy and also as a book.

MARZO 2021: 2-day Webinar, 5th and 6th March 2021 (Friday and Saturday)

Contents: = Presentation of the social and ministerial mapping of the Comboni family and first data analysis (in relation to the contributions of the December webinar) – group work from the results of the analysis.

= Sharing by working groups (on Zoom, with translation into several languages).

Format: Similar to the December event.

On the first day there would be a conference to be organised, followed by group work. On the second day there would be a sharing of the work of the groups (with simultaneous translation) and the launch of the Comboni Social Forum in July 2021.

Homework: In preparation for the FSC, the selected participants will prepare the presentation of their most regenerative ministerial experience.

July 2021: 5-day in Rome (Curia MCCJ) 3 – 7 LUGLIO 2021

The format of the forum in Rome would remain the one already elaborated by the organizers, with adaptations of the programme that will be carried out in the two events of December 2020 and March 2021. The advantage will be that it will be possible to deepen further and that the participants will arrive much more prepared and involved in the dynamics of the Forum.

Next November 2020 we will give you more details about the first webinar on 4-5 December 2020. We ask you to inform your members from the various provinces and communities so that they can be present on those dates and in those particular 2 hours to actively participate in the event.


On behalf of the Commission of the Comboni Family on Social Ministries, I greet you fraternally and we remain united in prayer in this difficult time but also full of new opportunities. May God accompany us and bless us!

P. Daniele Moschetti, MCCJ
Coordinator of the Commission
Rome, October 16, 2020

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