Comboni Lay Missionaries

Times of change


On the 13th, day of the Virgin of Fátima, began the changes in the Apostolic Community of Mongoumba, with Fr Maurice leaving to Rome, where he will take part in a training course to become a trainer of young people who want to be Comboni missionaries. Mary intercede for him to adapt well to his new community, where he will spend this period of training, and to give a good witness of faith and love to all who cross his path.

The 23th we had the joy of receiving Ana, young Polish CLM, she came from Kinshasa, where she has been learning French. We ask the Lord of the harvest to help us in this integration time for Anna to be an example of love, joy and compassion and service to the people we were sent.

Yesterday was the turn to arrive from Paris, where Fr. Fernando, from Mexico, was learning French. In these first months of his stay in Central Africa the Mongoumba apostolic community will grow, it will be where Fr Fernando will learn Sango. Where he will go afterwards, we do not know…

July will be again time of changing with the departure of Elia. The mission will run out a very strong plaster stone…! Will she return someday? That only God knows! For now, we can only be grateful from now, all the good she did for this people and this community. May the Lord accompany her, always.


A big hug to all CLM and especially to all those who have celebrated their birthdays.

Maria Augusta and Elia.


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