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Meeting the teenagers of Ipê Amarelo

Returning to my homeland, to my country, is wonderful. But nothing compares to the joy I got from the children I worked with at Ipê Amarelo.

Isabela, Larissa, Laisla and Erik are some of the teenagers who are now part of the youth choir.

After 2 years and 4 months in Mozambique, I returned to Ipê Amarelo and received a welcome I had never expected.

The strong hug and the: “how much I missed you” that I heard from each of them was the most emotional moment I’ve ever felt. For me, this is the missionary’s best reward.

After meeting at the church, at their request we arranged a time to remember what we had experienced and for each of them to share what they had experienced after leaving. Work, study and to let off steam.

It was a very pleasant moment, we talked, and each one spoke about their expectations for the future.

Tito and I shared with them a little of our experience in Mozambique.

We had a snack and ended the meeting by looking at photos of performances, theaters and the choir’s first rehearsals years ago. We laughed a lot. It was wonderful.

I’m grateful to them and even more to God for allowing me to have such a beautiful experience.

Regimar, CLM

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