Comboni Lay Missionaries

Meeting of the Comboni Family in Vitória (ES-Brazil)

On Friday morning, 06/07/24, we met to celebrate and share a family moment. A meeting of the Comboni Family.

The meeting began with the celebration of the Word, which was presided over by Father Carlo Faggion, also present were Fathers Elio, Vincent and Willy. We were welcomed by the Comboni Sisters who live there. I took part representing the Comboni Lay Missionaries.

“A credible witness to a new humanity and solidarity” was an excerpt from Father Carlo’s reflection. He also presented us with an illustration of St. Daniel Comboni on the cross with Christ. This image is full of symbolism and provokes many reflections on this day dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

“It’s about Comboni’s marriage with the Cross and the unique gaze of Jesus and Comboni. Africa is in the heart.”

Tranquillo Dias, LMC in ES (Espírito Santo)

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