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In the desert with Comboni: challenges and joys of the mission in the pandemic.

Casa Comboni

Today’s challenges remind me of those of Comboni. They are not the same. Of course, in Comboni’s time they were much more difficult. The desert crossing, the various diseases, the fevers, the broken arm that had to be broken again to put it back in place (I shudder just to think of it), etc.

But now we are also living in a time of desert. The expectation of the trip to Africa, the sending of documents, the pandemic, the wait for the vaccine, the request for renewal of documents and the wait again. All for a greater cause, which is Jesus.

But through it all, I can’t complain. I was welcomed with great affection and the work is producing results.

After a stop for life: because the virus does not mess around and we value the welfare and life of our people, the people of God. Little by little, and following all the WHO guidelines, we are resuming some pastoral work.

We have restarted the adult and children’s choir, but with only two members at a time. (photos of the rehearsals).

The catechesis is done online to preserve the health of the children. The participation is very good, even in spite of some difficulties such as the lack of Internet in some families. So that these children are not harmed, we have chosen to visit them without entering their homes and without them going out. It is a catechesis from the door of the house, in the street, without physical contact, without proximity.

Group of catechists from the community of Nossa Senhora Aparecida (Ipê Amarillo neighborhood).

We have resumed the liturgical formation with the team of the community, since there are few people, we do it in person without forgetting the care.

We participated in the triduum of the martyr Fr. Ezequiel Ramín, together with the parish and the parish group of Comboni spirituality.

We have made and participated in some videoconferences.

In the coming days we will celebrate the national week of the family in the parish, the catechesis meeting with the confirmation group, in addition to the existing works.

A few days ago I discovered a new hidden talent (laughs), I discovered myself as a wall painter. Together with the Camey family from Guatemala, we painted the façade of the Comboni House. Modesty aside, it looks beautiful!

Casa Comboni
Casa Comboni

In social work we are together registering and distributing baskets of basic commodities. This is a collaboration with the diocese. These baskets come from the fine that the mining company Vale paid for the Brumadinho disaster.


And so we continue the mission in the way the Lord presents it to us.

It is rewarding and I can say with certainty that I will miss Ipê Amarelo, its people and especially the children.

Maria Regimar, CLM at the Mission House of Santa Teresinha, in Ipê Amarelo, Contagem/MG. Brazil.

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