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Do not get close to your own flesh



On February 6, 15 people died in the “El Tarajal” Beach in Ceuta. Some media said they were undocumented, Sub Saharan, immigrants … but basically they were 15 people, with 15 stories, with their 15 families. Each of them with their dignity, their rights and especially with their life. Following what happened that day, there was a great stir, especially at the political level where they blame the political adversary and try to take advantage of the event.

The Archbishop of Tangier, Monsignor Santiago Agrelo published a letter that has no waste and we collect below.

And the Lord said: Share your bread and your light shall rise

No one needs to interpret, because it is said to understand it even for children. “Share your bread with the hungry, houses the poor homeless, dress who goes nude” And after this command accessible to all, if it were necessary, the reason that sustains is added: “Do not close your own flesh”.  The starving, the oppressed and the homeless, the naked, are “our own flesh”!

“Do not get close to your own flesh”: This unique knowledge should be enough to have changed the politics about the borders, another the logical of our reasoning, another the purpose of our demonstrations, another the matrix of our concerns, our aspirations, our complaints, our options.

“Do not get close to your own flesh”: If you walk on the path of this wisdom, “your light will break like the dawn,” ahead of you shall go the justice and behind shall go the glory of the Lord, your light will shine in the darkness, your darkness will become noon. ”

“Do not get close to your own flesh” and the bread that you share with the hungry, make you light for the homeless, as it is light to you the One that with his life in the hands like a loaf, said: “This is my body which is given for you“.

“Do not close your own flesh”: Seat the poor to the table of your life, and you shall be to them the light with which God enlightens.

And for the many that again and again remind me that the Church is not an NGO, again and again I will remind them that the poor are “our own fles”, and that our bread is their own bread, and that the Church is their own home.

Happy Sunday

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