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CML discernment: Everything and everyone for the Mission!

The community life of Porto, of the CLM from Portugal, initiated in the past weekend the discernment regarding the subject of the economy that was launched by the Central Committee. This is a topic that will be, little by little, worked at community level and we hope to conclude as soon as possible in order to respond to this international urgency that concerns and touches everybody.


Indeed, the creation of an international common fund (subject that has been debated for at least 20 years!) Is now a necessity that needs to be addressed, not just for the sake of the movement itself, but especially for the Mission that we all are called to participate.

In this sense, our reflections at the community level of Porto, consider that the CLM in Portugal have a duty to feed its national fund to support the CLM who are on a mission across borders, to pay them their social security contributions, among other obligations.

However, we think it is also our duty to contribute to the creation of an international fund, since this also constituted a sign of our sense of belonging. In fact, this is also our fund, as it is of all and for all. We thus share, within our means that we have to give.

In Portugal, this discernment will continue until the end of the year. In fact, beyond our community life, there are two others (Viseu and Lisbon), who are also making this discernment, so that early next year we can give an answer to the Central Committee.

If it is true that the mission challenges us, it is no less true that this impels us and requires concrete gestures of generosity and community spirit, vocation and goods.

by Susana Vilas Boas

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