Comboni Lay Missionaries

Presentation of the CLM Blog

Welcome to the blog of the Comboni Lay Missionaries!

With a lot of hope we are creating this space where we will be able to share with all of you our missionary experiences in Africa, America and Europe.

In this blog there will be a space where to share our daily life with the peoples of the world. The hopes, the difficulties and the challenges presented by the life of simple folks.

We will invent a space where we will be able to reflect, laugh, pray, dream together and turn into reality a different world.

You know that you can also visit our webpage, where you will find more information about us and our place of formation, where we wish to prepare ourselves in the best possible way and where you are also all invited.

Since a picture is worth more than a thousand words we give you here a selection of some of our CLM spread around the world.

We hope to find a lot of them in these pages.