Comboni Lay Missionaries

Greetings from Franz Agreiter from Uganda


I am very well here at Matany in Uganda only the time runs fast and soon August is coming.
Now at Easter we enjoy some days off, which is good from time to time.
One is away from work and has more time for oneself.
My passport is still at Kampala but I was promissed soon everything will be ok!
In a few days time I will meet Elena here at Matany.

I wish you all a HAPPY EASTER!!!

Many greetings from Matany,

Many greetings from Alenga in Uganda

Dear friends,
I hope you are all well. Myself I am very fine here. Meanwhile i feel
at home and I am very happy to help the pupils by teaching
computer lessons.
Through help from Germany I got ten laptops. During day time
I am in the classroom and in the evenings I teach the sisters
and the people from the nearby village how to work with a computer.
Every day I am very busy and happy to give the people here
some perspectives for their future.

HAPPY EASTER and many greetings from Alenga in Uganda,