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The Comboni Lay Missionaries are men and women immersed in the daily activity of their work and deal with the realities of the world (economy, politics, culture...) according to the Gospel.

Continually feed their choices with a path of rediscovery of the Word of God and the historical Jesus. From the Bible comes a profound experience of God, which then turns into a special relationship with the land as a place of encounter with the God of history. They try to walk with humanity and at the same time writing in today reality their presence.

The Comboni Lay Missionaries are missionaries because of their Christian vocation; they recognize the value of the mission not only as a geographical reality, but also as a proclamation of the Kingdom values, such as the "regeneration of the social fabric". In this perspective are missionaries both the CLMs that go to mission and the ones that live in territorial and residential communities.

As Christians they proclaim the Gospel with their life, with their commitment for the civil society at the service of human liberation, justice and peace. They look and operate from the point of view of the poor’s, making common cause with them, causing them to become protagonists of their own liberation.

They live the missionary as the result of a daily commitment to transform reality in a society with different lifestyles.

The Comboni Lay Missionaries united with the whole Comboni family live their vocation following the charism of Comboni; re- incarnating it in the light of their secular identity. With the rest of the Comboni Family they work in a spirit of shared responsibility and cooperation.

The identity of the Comboni Lay Missionaries essence is not a static thing but a moving experience, open to dialogue. The identity is the result common walk on the basis of a pastoral, theological and charismatic consensus.

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Surface: 301.340Km2

Population: 60.870.745

urban (68%) rural (32%)

Capital: Rome

Language: Italian.

Life expectancy: 81.2 years

Schooling: 99%

HDI: 0.881

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