Central African Republic Central African Republic

CLM Organization

In cooperation with the local church where we develop our daily life, we integrate the various social activities that the local church develop and also support the pastoral.

Living fully in mission our dual vocation, as lay people (in family,...) and as missionaries “ad gentes”. Vocation that involves the entire CLM movement and that it determines its continuity and growth.

We are always in community, as testimony of our believers’ identity and as a way for evangelization. The community always growing through dialogue (day of the community, personal and community projects,...), and prayer (personal and community, parties, special occasions,...). Always looking for a clear organization: an MCCJ as advisor, a coordinator, a treasurer, a counselor and taking, all times, Jesus Christ as the center of our community life: in joy, crisis, conflict, confrontation and discernment, in friendship and forgiveness.

A community always open, in an attitude of service and listening especially to the poorest, in Mongoumba the ethnic group Aka (Pygmy), the poorest among the poor, children and the sick,... with them we develop healthcare projects, education, and we especially work in their social integration.

From St. Daniel Comboni charisma, in responsibility and collaboration with the Comboni Family (sharing projects, pastoral,... mission), especially in apostolic community with the MCCJ and in harmony with the Diocese. With a preferential option for the poorest, we make the community life the basis of the missionary life.

Following the motto: "Save Africa through Africa", we try to:

Meet the CLM in Central African Republic


Fr. Jesús Ruiz Molina (MCCJ)

Central African Republic

Surface: : 622.984Km2

Population: 4.692.000 inhab

urban (39.3%) rural (60.7%)

Capital: Bangui

Languagues: French and Sango (officials), Baya.

Principals ethnics: Baya, Banda, Mandia, Sara, Pygmies.

Life expectancy: 49.1 years

Schooling: 56%

HDI: 0.352

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