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Organization of the CLM

We are a Catholic community of lay people who live out our faith and ideals by walking with the poor of other countries, sharing our talents, learning from one another, and joining the struggle for a more just and compassionate world.

After a 14-week training program, our lay missionaries begin a 3-year assignment in Africa or Latin America.

We share our talents in health care, education, agronomy, community development, administration, technical skills, and pastoral work. We work together with local leaders and Comboni religious in the hopes of contributing something small to the Kingdom of God.

In order to truly walk with the people, we strive to learn the culture and language of the people and live a simpler lifestyle. We bring with us a sense of justice and solidarity, a sense of humility — and a sense of humor! We build friendships and work together as brothers and sisters.

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USA Canada

Surface: 9,826,675 km² (USA); 9,984,670 Km2 (Canada)

Population: 316,017,000 (USA); 33,476,688 (Canada)

urban (82%) rural (18%)

Capital: Washington D. C (USA), Ottawa (Canada)

Languages: English (USA), English and French (Canada).

Principals ethnic:

USA: Whites (mainly German, Irish and English) are the bigger ethnic group, Afro-Americans, Asian and native from Amerindian, Alaskan and Huawei.

Canada: Anglo Canadians (21%), Franco Canadians (15,8%), Scottish (15,2%), Irish (13,9%), German (10,2%), Italians (5%), Chinese (3,9%), Ukrainians (3,6%) and the native from the first nations (3,5%).

Life expectancy: 79 years (USA), 81 years (Canada)


HDI: 0.937 (USA), 0.911 (Canada)

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