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In the German Speaking Province (Austria, South Tyrol and Germany) the Comboni Lay Missionaries offer a Service Program for Faith and Justice together with the Comboni Missionaries. The Comboni Lay Missionaries live for a certain time (1-3 years) in another continent and culture with a religious community, to pray and to work with them.

The CLM are young adults (18 – 45 years) who meet people in Africa or Latinamerica, to share with them their conditions of life, their faith and their hopes. Afterwards they bring back the rich experiences made overseas and to make use of them in the Church and society in Central Europe. The CLM in Germany meet twice a year for prayer and sharing and they participate in other gatherings of the Comboni Family.

The Comboni Lay Missionary Program exists already since 30 years in the German Speaking Province. More than 160 young men and women went out to countries like Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, South Africa, Malawi, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. Recently we have started to form international communities of CLM in Uganda (Matany Hospital in Karamoja) and in Peru (Arequipa).

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Surface: 357.000Km2

Population: 82.000.000

urban (89%) rural (21%)

Capital: Berlin

Language: German.

Principals ethnic: out of 82 million people living in Germany: 15 million have a background of migration (8 million have German citizenship and 7 million are foreigners).

Life expectancy: men: 77 years, women: 82 years

Schooling: Compulsory school attendance of 9 years without any school fee to pay.

HDI: 0.948

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