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CLM Organization

For more than 25 years the Comboni family has been enriched with the Comboni Lay Missionaries presence.

Men and women, married and singles, aware of today’s world needs, decide to spend part of their lives to serve in Mission.
The CLM began in Italy in 1975, and today the CLM family is all over the world.

In 2009 it took place the first CLM meeting in Guatemala / Central America. It was a time for training, motivation and spirituality.
That first meeting was in the CAM of Guatemala, and it was led by Fr Pasquale Miniero.

The CLM is consolidating and taking his own way in Guatemala, and it is just starting in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua.
In Guatemala they gather in youth groups called JMC (Comboni Youth Missionary) .

The CLM is characterized by a unique style, with a strong bet for the laity, for the mission and for the Comboni charisma.

The CLM in Guatemala has a helm-team (The Committee), that is made up of four lay persons, elected by the Assembly, and a MCCJ advisor, designated by the provincial Council and the MCCJ Central America Delegate.


Meet the CLM


Web - Correo Guate - Correo CR - Facebook CR -Tel. 00 (502) 2432-1313

CLM advisors in each country:

Central America

Surface: 522.760 Km2

Population: 44.671.601inhab

San José (Costa Rica)
San Salvador (El Salvador)
Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala)
Managua (Nicaragua)

Language: Spanish (official), languages lenmichí, xincas, chiapaneco-mangues, pilpil, tequistlateco-jicaque or garífuna among others.

Principals ethnic: Whites, mestizos, blacks and indigenous (maya, tz'utujil, quiché, kakawiras, lencas, misquitos, tolupanes, chortis, pech or payas, tawahkas, garífunas, lencas, Miskitos, Sumos o Mayagnas, Ramas, Quitirrisí, Matambú o Chorotega, Maleku ó Guatusos, Bribri, Cabécar, Guaymí, Boruca, Térraba and many more).

Life expectancy: 82 years

Schooling: Costa Rica (94.5)
El Salvador (89.1)
Guatemala (72.0)
Nicaragua (80.0)

HDI: Costa Rica (0.773)
El Salvador (0.680)
Guatemala (0.581)
Nicaragua (0.599)

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