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The CLM organization

The CLM in Mozambique are linked to the MCCJ Province in the country, in response to the Provincial Superior.

The CLM have a coordinator chosen at the annual meeting, and a MCCJ in charge. Currently there is an international community composed of CLM of Portugal, Mexico and Brazil, in Carapira mission, supporting the activities at Carapira Industrial School, Nampula province, northern Mozambique. We form apostolic community, as a family, with the MCCJ and the Comboni Sisters.

We also do pastoral work in the parish of Carapira, which has 84 communities, divided into 3 zones. It is a large field of work, with different realities and challenges that bring us closer to Christ, present in this Macua people.

Meet the CLM in Mozambique


Post mail: Caixa Postal 52, Monapo, Nampula, Mozambique

Telephone: +258 26 620177


Surface: 801.590Km2

Population: 22.812.900

urban (38.4%) rural (61.6%)

Capital: Maputo

Languages: Portuguese (official), tsonga, macua.

Main Ethnics: Yao, makonde, maseko, lombwe, mangaja, lolo, macua, chuabo, tonga.

Life expectancy: 47.8 years

Schooling: Men 59.4%, Women 50.2%

HDI: 0.402

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