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Malawi and Zambia, just like contemporary Africa, are undergoing enormous and rapid changes in the political, economic, social and cultural and religious spheres. In both countries of Malawi and Zambia the Church plays an active and important role in the society.

We exercise our missionary work, in collaboration with the MCCJ, in the following fields: First evangelization; Basic Formation, Vocation Promotion and Mission animation; Presence among the poor in suburban areas; Human formation of the youth; SCC and Christian leadership. We try to work in collaboration with the Local Church and our presence is appreciated by the Bishops by the Christians.

In 2013 the Comboni Missionaries, celebrate 40 years of presence and missionary work in Malawi and Zambia.

We are a couple from the NAP, Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Tonya Kleven. We have come with our two little daughters. We have arrived in Malawi and have started working in parish ministry at Msamba parish in Lilongwe, Malawi.

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Malawi Zambia

Surface: 118.484Km2 (Malawi)
752.618Km2 (Zambia)

Population: 13.931.831(Malawi)
urban (38.4%) rural (61.6%)
14.317.000 (Zambia) urban (39.6%) rural (60.4%)

Capital: Lilongüe (Malawi)
Lusaka (Zambia)

Languages: English and Chichewa (official), Chitumbuka, Chiyao (Malawi).
English (Zambia), Bemba, Kaounde, Tonga, Lunda, Luvale and others.

Main ethnic groups: Chewa, Tumbuka, Yao (Malawi). Bemba, Tonga, Lunda and Nyanja (Zambia).

Life expectancy: Malawi 54.8 years
Zambia 49.4 years

Schooling: 75%

HDI: Malawi 0.492 Zambia 0.483

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